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Hi Carol,

I have worked in several different companies (biotech/pharma/CRO) and where the line is drawn between necropsy and histology can vary greatly.  This is what I have seen:
at a CRO that I worked at (we did primarily GLP tox-path) the pathology department included technicians that did the necropsies and organ weights (and everything that came after that), but the in-vivo group did all of the blood collections
at a biotech company I worked at, the in vivo technicians did all of the necropsies and gave us tissues in formalin (sometimes they would trim it, sometimes the histologists would need to trim it; it depended on the study and the type of tissue)
at my current job (early-discovery research at a biotech) and my previous job (research (not tox) at a big pharma), there is a combination of both.  Sometimes the pathology department does the necropsies, sometimes not; it depends on the skill level of the researcher, their availablity (and our availability) and the type of study.  If the researchers are uncomfortable doing them, we do the necropsies for them.
So the take-home message based on my experience at 4 different companies is that it just depends on the situation.
Kim Merriam, MA, HT(ASCP)
Cambridge, MA

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Hi All,

Taking an informal survey of anyone involved in vet histology, primarily
research.   How many histotechs out there actually perform necropsy or
have histology departments that oversee that area?  



Carol Wilson

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