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One  wonders  at  the  motivation of  putting such  information on the
web, was  it  to  elicit  sympathy for or to  heap  derision on  the
unfortunate workers.
  There  were many  contradictions for  example a relatively new Leica
cryostat, embedding  centre  and rotary microtome, also a  relatively
new tissue  processor  next  to ancient  incubators and sledges  and
not  a disposable/paper  towel  in  sight.
      The lab  personnel obviously  treated  the lab  as  a  home  from
home  with  domestic  kettles  and irons present, flowers  on  the
window  sill, daily newspaper  on  the  desk, together with  plastic
drinking water  bottles and  coca cola, which  suggests a  certain
amount of  disposable  income  above  the  minimum that  is  assuming
they  do  not  refill the bottles  from  the  tap!!!)
      Although the  facilities are  largely  basic, the level  of  even
basic  laboratory housekeeping  is  deplorable, which  is  indicative
of  poor  management or  poor  morale or  both, also labelling  of
chemical/solutions is  either  minimal  or  completely non   existent,
but  the  3  women  pictured  are  at  least mostly wearing  lab coats
and  have  access  to disposable  gloves even  if  they  are  not
wearing  them  in  most  of  the  photos, and  in  the  one  case  they
are they  look  like the  modern neoprene sort,  but  they are all    at
least  smiling  for  the  camera.
           The  electrics are  also  a  mishmash  with  some  quite
modern  switches  and lights  contracting  with  the spaghetti like
mess  near  some  power  points, also  a  relatively  modern
portable/mobile 'phone is  visible on one desk.
               Among  the  mess  that  is  the  celloidin  embedding is
a  very  modern  looking  metal "hockey stick" perhaps  picked  up  on
an  away  day  to  the  West!!.

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Hi all,

I found these interesting pictures of a Russian pathology in the web. 





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