[Histonet] HER2 FISH

Bell, Lynne Lynne.Bell <@t> hitchcock.org
Mon Jul 30 14:30:16 CDT 2007

Our lab is considering performing HER2 FISH.  Presently, we are not
doing any insitu hybridization, so forgive me if I ask some very
elementary questions.  I have read the procedure for this test and is
certainly is "doable".  I do have a couple of questions, however.

If any of you are performing this test, are you doing it in conjunction
with the HER2 immuno stain, or as a stand alone test?  If you are doing
it instead of the immuno stain, what are you using for controls?

That's all I can think of now.  Thank you for any and all assistance.


Lynne A. Bell, HT (ASCP)
Central Vermont Medical Center
P. O. Box 547
130 Fisher Road
Barre, VT  05641

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