[Histonet] Plastics Bubbles and Troubles

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Mon Jul 23 06:35:30 CDT 2007

Hello All, 

            I have some unanswered questions that I would like to throw
out to everyone who works in plastics.

*	Has anyone figured out yet what the gas is (is it a gas?) that
causes the bubbles during polymerization of the MMA3(embedding)? 
*	Can these be de-gassed by hooking up a vacuum to the solution
before pouring into the bottle for embedding? 
*	If keeping them in a cooler environment (refrigerator) is a
help, is it more helpful to throw in ice-packs to assist? 
*	Is keeping them in a water bath in the refrigerator any help? 
*	Has any real breakthroughs that are realistic, cost effective
and efficient been realized? 
*	Has there been an assessment of Exakt vs. Buehler vs. Isomet
various equipments been done for the various steps or is the expense too
prohibitive to expect? (Who can afford to purchase and evaluate this
kind of equipment objectively?) 
*	And, if etching the slides is beneficial to staining, what acid
is preferred?  (If it is acid.) Is Hydrochloric too harsh? If
decolorizing, is hydrochloric used on plastic? 

So many questions, so few answers!  The more we know, the more we need
to know...

Thank you all in advance for any comments.


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