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Using 95% EthOL to prepare lower EthOL concentrations is cumbersome for many. A 3% less cost does not in any way justify using 95% instead of 100% (absolute) EthOL and preparing the dilutions is straightforward assuring consistency in the lower dilutions.
  René J.

"Johnson, Teri" <TJJ <@t> Stowers-Institute.org> wrote:
  When I trained, I was taught to use 95% alcohol to make all my other
alcohol dilutions because it was cheaper than using 100% alcohol
(additionally, absolute ethanol had additional denaturants in it). With
Richard Allan's Flex alcohols, the cost of the 95% alcohol is only about
3% less than the Flex100. So, is it really cheaper to use the 95% to
make the dilutions than using Flex 100? So, if cost isn't the issue, is
there any other reason not to buy just the 100% and make all the
dilutions out from this one? I can't think of any.


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