[Histonet] Re: looking for lab assistant info

Martin, Erin Erin.Martin <@t> ucsf.edu
Wed Jul 11 15:32:03 CDT 2007

Hi Kristen,
I think that would depend on what kind of work you want them to do - "Lab assistant" in my experience is a catch all title that varies greatly from hospital to hospital. I have worked at labs where they were limited to filing slides and stocking supplies, and at others where they did cyto prep, stain maintenance, specimen accessioning, etc, and one where they did tissue grossing.  It really depends where you are and how your job titles work; a union shop would have strict rules (last place I worked the title "lab assistant" meant licensed phlebotomist under the contract).  The more complicated the work, the more education/experience they would probably need.
Good luck,
Erin Martin
Hello All,
  Does anyone have Lab Assistant job description and qualification info?  We are looking into hiring for this position and we need more info.  Thanks!

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