[Histonet] Re: random review of surgical cases

Kim Tournear kimtournear <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 13:14:27 CDT 2007

Check the CLIA Manual. CLIA requires our office to do this.... probably because we process our own histology and do Mohs and we are a private lab, therefore, CAP doesn't apply to us......we have 5 dermatologists and 2 PA's in house, one of which is a board certified dermatopathologist....we pull 5 cases for each doctor and they review each others slides....we have only 1 Mohs surgeon....I pull 2 cases and send it to another local Mohs surgeon for review.....CLIA accepts this as part of our QA Plan.... this is done every 6 months and documented in a "Slide Verification" book...
  So the answer to your question would be to find a local pathologist to help you out on reviewing your slides....hope this helps....

Kim Tournear, HT (ASCP), QIHC ( ASCP)
  Specialists in Dermatology
  Histology/Mohs Supervisor
  Tucson, AZ

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