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I’ve been following this thread and it dawned on me that I need to buy a
Dewar flask to store liquid nitrogen, but I don’t need a new one from

Does anyone have a surplus cryogenic storage flask sitting around that they
would like to sell?

You can contact me off-List.


~ Ford

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We had very similar freezing artifacts until we purchased a Histobath
from Sakuraa few years ago.  Fits right on the counter.  You fill it
with 2-methylbutane (isopentane) and it cools it down to at least -50C. 
You occasionally have to replace it with fresh (I'd say every 3 months
or so) as it will frost up causing the temp to rise.  I wanna tell you
tho', it gives the pathologists much better nuclear
detail..........happy campers. Tissue samples freeze in less than 1
minute.  Pricing (from Cardinal Health) was around $4440 as of 1/07.
Hope this helped, 

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