[Histonet] Differences between sucrose and formalin

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Ice cold Sucrose is used for 30 min prior to formalin in a 30% solution
in order to prevent intrafixation diffusion or disruption of cell
organelles. The formalin solution comprises of formalin 10ml, calcium
acetate monohydrate 2g, sucrose 30g, make up to 100 ml with dist water.
Fix for 18 hrs at 2 to 5 degrees C. Wash for 4 hours BEFORE at 20 to 30
degrees C to remove sucrose before processing or the block won't cut.
Sucrose is also used with gum acacia in enzyme preservation.

The sucrose must therefore be acting as a 'fixative' assume a lot like
putting fruit in high strength sugar as a preservative; or maybe that's
it, it preserves prior to fixation.

Maybe it stops the formation of bubbles too (g).

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