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"So it dried before it was fixed? My point exactly and that's why the
bubbles show better!!!"

To what do you refer when you say..."that's why the bubbles show
The drying? If so, well yes, that's why I took the photo in that area.

To what do you refer when you say...."My point exactly.."?
That it dried before it was fixed? If so, I do not recall you ever
having made a point about drying before fixation. Please remind me of
the remark.

Your short note on good fixation is fine, but is pure theory, and does
not address the problem of how we can tell whether fixation has been
"good" or not. Cytologists often call air drying poor fixation, but this
is utter nonsense. Pathologists sometimes call autolysis poor fixation,
but this too is pure nonsense.

Has anybody else bothered to look at the photos on this mightily
important issue?


This is getting hard to follow........ The bubbles show better because
the cell was not fixed immediately, but air dried. I concede that air
drying is a form of fixation, but depending on how quickly (or not) it
dries, then the fixation is optimal or not. Slow drying will allow some
of the autolytic changes to happen and maybe the bubbles. My point was
that it (the bubbles) was due to poor fixation and that's why the they
(the bubbles) were more evident.

I've looked at the photos and they remind me of Blackpool. I'm surprised
that the theory of fixation, pure that it may be, is not acceptable (for
example, I accept Einstein's Theory of Relativity without ever reaching
the speed of light but I am putting on weight); if you have an alternate
theory then feel free to share it with me. Air drying is fixation but if
you wanted it not to be air dried but alcohol fixed then it still is
good fixation (albeit not prompt enough) but poor IMHO preservation (the
results are artefactual). Although if the time to air dry is protracted
then it is both artefactual and WAS poorly fixed IMHO; you eventually
fixed something that was not.

Does that make sense?

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