[Histonet] Pipettes Calibration

Emily Sours talulahgosh <@t> gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 23:51:34 CDT 2007

We have representatives of companies calibrate our pipetmen on site to
save on the cost of shipping.  I don't know if that is usual for most
businesses though.  Otherwise, we send our pipetmen to Rainin (the
manufacturer) for calibration.  Keep in mind that there are newer
pipetmen that can be calibrated by anyone (ISC Bioexpress sent us a
description of how to calibrate their pipetman ourselves), and
replacing something like the O-ring is much less expensive if you do
it yourself.  Rainin has a booklet on replacing simple items like the
O-ring, and then recalibrating your pipetman if you need it.
You could also use the density of pure water to calibrate your
pipetmen, but that may not be exact enough for your procedures.

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