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Lack of a practical has nothing to do with mandatory certification.  The 
practical was a component of the HT/HTL (ASCP) certification exam. Passing 
of the exam gives the applicant national certification with the ASCP. 
Mandating certification may very well be dictated by pathologists, but it 
has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the practical aspect of the HT/HTL exam 
being discontinued. 
It is interesting to note that no other laboratory science certification 
requires a practical.  Does that make those certified applicants any less 
Expense was not the only criteria that was used to make the decision to 
discontinue the practical.  There were many factors.   With HIIPA 
regulations obtaining the tissue was also becoming difficult for 
applicants.  Some applicants have access to fully automated labs, while 
others don't.  Some out there are unethical and don't do any of the work 
themselves.  What makes it a fair and valid exam.  At least with the 
"written" portion applicants must show knowledge of the principles and 
procedures and the ability to recognize problems and to troubleshoot them. 
Sending the slides to the graders is not an option.  The ASCP had a very 
sophisticated grading system to ensure anonymity to each applicant and to 
ensure that the grading was equitable.  Sending out slides to graders 
would have compromised a fair system.  You also open up the possibility of 
breakage and lost slides/blocks.
There is no method of examination that will please everyone.  The ASCP, 
who had feedback from many people in the histology field, made the 
decision that they felt would be fair to MOST applicants.
The ability to cut good sections does not make one a good histotech, just 
a good microtomist.  Just as the ability to pass the computer portion of 
the exam does not make one a good histotech, but the odds are better for a 
well rounded employee.  One needs to understand and interpret the stains 
they are performing, not just load them on the Stainer.
Just my opinion,
Jennifer MacDonald

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Re: [Histonet] ASCP Exam

Hate to say it but I think Pathologists have a lot to do with why there 
isn't mandatory certification for HT and HTL.

Jennifer MacDonald <JMacDonald <@t> mtsac.edu> wrote: 
The practical will only apply to those that did not pass prior to 2007. 
Anyone that applies for 2007 and beyond does not do the practical.
The instructions state do not download the practical instructions unless 
told to do so by the ASCP

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[Histonet] ASCP Exam

I'm sorry, I'm confused about the conversations regarding the practical
portion of the exam. Are you saying that the practical part is no longer
required for HT or HTL cert for ASCP? According to their website, the
practical is still required. There are practical instructions:



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