[Histonet] Fisher Superfrost Plus slides

N Fournier nfournier <@t> sasktel.net
Wed Jan 31 13:28:43 CST 2007

Hello,  I have encountered a few issues with Superfrost Plus slides recently and was wondering if anyone had 
any suggestios to remedy the situation.  I am mounting fixed 40 um thick rat brain sections on to these slides.  
The instructions indicate that you should use warm dH2O in the mounting bath.  However, when we place our 
tissue into water solution the tissue begins to fold and curl. This increases the level of wrinkling of the section 
once it has been mounted on to the slide.  

I have used PB as the bath medium previously and we never encounter this problem; however, experience has 
taught us that some tissue curling occurs when the slides are run through standard alcohol/xylene steps before 
coverslipping.    So does anyone have specific suggestions? 



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