[Histonet] Digital Dictation System

Luke Perkocha luke.perkocha <@t> ucsf.edu
Tue Jan 30 18:45:07 CST 2007

We are looking to replace an aging digital dictation system for gross 
and micro pathology with something that is easy and intuitive to 
manage and flexible, so dictation can be done from a dedicated unit 
(plugged into a phone line - no cabling) with a foot pedal, or by 
dial-in from an outside phone. We also need to be able to manage 
transcription, send dictations around and select specific dictations 
for transcription all from multiple sites for both dictation and 
transcription. It would be nice if the product can be adapted for 
voice recognition in the future, but we're not planning to do that 
soon. I googled "digital dictation" and there seem to be a lot of 
products out there widely ranging in price from high end "enterprise" 
systems to software in a box. Does anyone have a good solution to 
recommend, or can you suggest a consultant who can figure this out?

Thanks, please copy your response to my e-mail: luke <@t> wpcreno.com


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