[Histonet] Follow up

GMartin <@t> marshallhospital.org GMartin <@t> marshallhospital.org
Mon Jan 29 18:06:53 CST 2007

I'm new to the list and in an effort to keep the list informed I want to
thank you for the response to my two questions.

1) concerning Xylene substitutes ... I received a good suggestion on a
product FORMULA 83.  And I will as suggested ... report back on my success
or failures of my transition from Xylene to a substitute.
2) Processing cassettes ... the debate was weather to put them directly
into the processing basket or let them float randomly in formalin then put
them in the basket.  The standard seems to be to load them directly from
the grossing table into the processing basket.
Thank you all very much
Gary Martin
El Dorado Pathology

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