[Histonet] If you are even remotely curious, please call! Even more temp openings--

Cheryl Kerry tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Jan 29 14:53:02 CST 2007

Hi All!


We're swamped and need more great techs!!  If you have ever been ever
remotely curious about travel temps, I would love to talk with you.  Even if
you won't be ready for a year or more--let's start the conversation so when
you are ready to go, you're comfortable and happy in your decision. 


I keep in touch. I don't pressure you (it is YOUR life, right?) Someone said
I don't come across as a used car salesman.I'm a histotech!!  If something
doesn't fit--you tell me 'no' and we move on to the next opening.  Easy as


I have EIGHT open positions and need to fill them within the next two weeks.
All shifts, all skills. With the changes in the registry and state
licensing, we're going to continue to need great techs who want to try new


Give me a call--it's an investment of about 15 minutes for the basics.  I
help new travelers get started and we've got a great team.  It all starts
with a question-  "So, tell me about temping?" 


I'll give you the details of the jobs that fit when we get a chance to


Cheryl :-)



Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc




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