[Histonet] Hope someone out there can let me know what you do. I was

Daryl Mikita dmikita <@t> wmcnet.org
Mon Jan 29 06:33:11 CST 2007


Our PA uses Acetone to fix the ink on the tissue, we just  submerge the inked tissue in it for a couple of second.  When he cuts the tissue the acetone evaporates before he gets it into the blocks.  We are using the Surgipath cassette markers, and have found that if the blocks don't get any formalin (or very little) on the processor, the markers do come off.  But have not had any problems with them coming off if the get atleast a half hour on the processor.  I have no idea why they come off if not, because they set in formalin, for hours prior to going on the processor.

Daryl Mikita, HT(ASCP)cm

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