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You mean you let them believe you were joshing? Heck, honey is a 
great preservative (ever seen spoiled honey?), although not the best 
for morphology. The eggshells are a good source of calcium carbonate 
for various procedures and if they're opened with due care, each egg 
yields two embedding cups. Then there was the fun of the debates: 
Rhode Island Red or Bantam or ... ?


>Oh, goody!  A Topic!  I've been doing this histology thing since 1969
>and BOY! have we come a long way!  After a 20-year absence from a lab in
>Albuquerque, I returned to find all these KIDS doing histo - and MEN to
>boot!  Okay, I'd been in the animal research world for a long time...
>(and Joyce, I worked in Hawaii in 1977 - we could swap tales of
>adventure!).  So the KIDS asked several of us long-in-the-tooth techs
>how it was in The Old Days.  We made up a story about how we had to keep
>chickens and bees in the back parking lot for the egg albumin (smearing
>on slides) and the wax.  We almost had 'em going for a while there,
>because as Experienced Professionals, we could make up a really, really
>good tale!  And I remember the "L" brackets, and the asbestos pad and
>the Lipshaw dispenser and those huge/tall "rings" where you laid the
>little piece of paper with the accession number.  And, Fred, we all had
>ashtrays on the ledge above our work station.  OMG! It's a wonder we're
>still alive!  My old pathologist-boss still smokes and he's close to 90
>- and he plays golf and is as sharp as ever.  Aaaaahhhh... Ye Goode Olde
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