[Histonet] VIP or ESCELSIOR ES

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Tue Jan 23 11:25:54 CST 2007

I disagree.  I believe the Excelsior is a superior product for one major reason.  Reagent consumption.  I have used VIPs every where I have been and they are great.  Sakura VIPs may be at the top of the reliability list because they have been around since the dinosaurs.  However, do not be afraid of something new just because you are comfortable with something that has been around for years.
Since purchasing my Excelsior my reagent usage has been cut almost in half.  The Excelsior changes solutions based on specific gravity.  You do not change on a schedule.  With the VIP you are wasting tons of potentially good reagents unless you are doing some painstaking testing which causes lots of unnecessary exposure for the tech.
I remember many times pulling each container from the VIP and pouring from one to another, and then refilling through a ridiculous little hole.  This is not an issue with the Excelsior.  All reagents are stored internal, and the machine auto rotates when it has used its reagent to max capacity.  (Just because that solution looks nasty, doesn't mean it isn't working.)  When it rotates you simply pull a one gallon jug from the bottom of the unit and replace with another.  Done!  The machine pulls the new reagent in and replaces the oldest.  Everything else rotates to the next position until it reaches its end point, and the cycle is repeated.  You can adjust this to you specific needs with ease.
Excelsior = Very little exposure of chemicals to techs and complete usage of chemical products.  Not to mention a user friendly touch screen and a great service department and 24/7 tech support.  If you want my Excelsior you will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers! I'll say it one more time... Thermo Rocks!

Jason E. Wiese, BS, HT(ASCP)
Roseburg, OR

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Besides considering the processing capabilities, that essentially are similar in all tissue processors (TP), consider reliability and in that field Sakura VIPs are at the top of the list.
  I would always lean towards the VIP.
  Another thing: do not "fall for" high capacity TP because you will always need the same amount of work pre- and post-tissue processing, regardless of the total capacity or the time required to process the tissue. Besides large capacity TP are soldom used at full capacity.
  René J.

"Jaynes, Florinda" <JaynesF <@t> pediatrics.ohio-state.edu> wrote:

We have to make a decision very soon to purchase a Processor Vip or
Excelsior ES.
We would appreciate any comments from user as to wich one they preffer
and wy.

Thank you in advance for your feedback,

F. Jaynes
Senior HT 
Columbus. Ohio

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