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Sat Jan 20 10:10:53 CST 2007

Hello Histonet members,

Sending an email to this list as an alumni of UT
Southwestern and presently founder of a company called
Gencache which specializes in collaboration solutions
for Clinical labs and Biopharma.

Wish to personally connect with you, presenting you
with a proposal for your respective labs. **We also
wish to discuss opportunities of setting up a lab in
Orange County California, affiliated to your
respective labs.

We have recently helped develop a highly successful
end to end LIMS/LIS solution for an oncology lab in
Irvine, California.

We have been working with a lot of clinical
diagnostics and biotechnology companies in the West
coast(California) for the last 2 years. Started this
group after having been the Principal Software
Engineer R&D at Quest Diagnostics (Nasdaq: DGX).

We are presently based both in Irvine, California and

We are planning on introducing a new Research Process
Management System. Please do let us know when you
would be interested in our platform. We would like to
have your teams as beta customers for our
Gencache RPMS (Research Process Management System)
which promises to be an exciting collaboration
platform for Research. We will customize the RPMS
for you and your affiliate organizations. This will
include custom Lab/Discovery Informatics as well.

You will also be very interested in our business

We have a very unique Business model and proposition
to you (in fact please do look at our clientele of
diagnostic labs):

Only 1 Virtual Resource will be billed to your
individual lab at X dollars
per hour (this includes Process Management a key
factor in the above process, a Project Manager and a
multiplex of off-shore programmers. your lab billed
for only 1 virtual resource, no matter
number of extra developers working on the project).

Our primary revenue comes from consulting for
diagnostic labs, some of them prominently in the
cancer diagnostics space.

Here's an interview, the reason for sharing this
interview is to introduce my background, my work for
Quest Diagnostics and the Human Genome project amongst
others in the past.


Our team has grown and so have our product offerings
and services.

We hope we can share a fruitful and effective working
relationship with you in the near future.

Look forward to hearing back from you, Do call me at

Best Regards,
Jayant Limaye

Gencache LLC, Irvine, California
Collaboration Solutions for BioPharma

Phone: (949)-273-0405

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