[Histonet] paraffin sectioning troubleshooting

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Can you tell me what type of tissue are you cutting? Do you do your own
tissue processing or is sent to another lab? What paraffin do you use? What
blade do you use, disposable or steel.

Sometimes brittleness comes from taking the water out of the tissue. That
can be helped by improving your processing schedule.

Let me know the answers when you can.

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As a newbie to paraffin sectioning on a paraffin microtome, I've been
plagued with differential results since starting.  My current issue is that
as they're cut, my sections are rolling back up on themselves instead of
coming off the blade with the appearance of a venetian blind (as they were
when the sections were looking good).  As they appear brittle, I've tried
putting the blocks in a humid environment to try to rehydrate them a
little, but to no avail.  Anyone have any good troubleshooting tips for me?
Thanks in advance.

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