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I agree with Liz that maintaining scrupulously clean water baths is a key component to avoiding the problem you are describing. One of our staff had brought in one of those green teflon type scrubbing pads like you migh use at home and we discovered this thing was growing bacteria. imagine what it's doing in your kitchen at home.

also, it is quite common to find bacteria of the sort you are describing in your tap water. you mentioned using filtered water for your stainer. are you using the same filtered water for your water baths? if you aren't, tap water is commonly teeming with bugs.

even with a filter change, check to see what particle size your filter removes. we added a sub-micron filter to our deionizing system to eliminate particles more than 0.5 micron and larger which eliminates the bacteria getting into the system from the tap water.

one last point, to save you another possible headache. when our problem surfaced, one of our pathologists suggested we purchase sterile water for AFB stains. keep in mind sterile water is not guaranteed not to contain bacteria, they just arent' alive so don't assume sterile water will solve your problem. filtering out the bugs and meticulously cleaning the water baths are your best bets.


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>>> eileen dusek <eileen_dusek <@t> yahoo.com> 01/16/07 03:20PM >>>
Hi Everyone,
  We are having a major problem with AFB, Giemsa and know Fe staining. On the slides its self, outside the tissue, we are getting AFB, Giemsa and Fe staining. The AFB is brought down to water by hand, AFB and Giemsa are stained on a staining rack. Our stainer recently had the water filter changed. This is occurring with all the Techs. We use charged slides for all specials,
  Could this be in the paraffin? The charged slides?
  All suggestions are appreciated.
  Edward Hospital

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