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I suspect the water is the source of your problem.  Distilled water stored 
in a polypropylene carboys can have saprophytic acid fast organisms growing 
in the water ( a published observation many years ago).   If you use any 
distilled water from this type of storage source to make up stains, as a 
buffer for stains or to make up buffers, be sure to wash and Clorox the 
container before you refill it.  I have seen huge distilled water tanks 
turn green with algae growth also.   There may be other bacteria that grow 
in distilled water too, hence careful washing of waterbath flotation 
dish.  If you add an adhesive (ready to use, liquid form) to the waterbath, 
that can be a problem too.  We had one commercial chrome alum subbing 
adhesive develop some very nice growth in it.

At 01:20 PM 1/16/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>   We are having a major problem with AFB, Giemsa and know Fe staining. On 
> the slides its self, outside the tissue, we are getting AFB, Giemsa and 
> Fe staining. The AFB is brought down to water by hand, AFB and Giemsa are 
> stained on a staining rack. Our stainer recently had the water filter 
> changed. This is occurring with all the Techs. We use charged slides for 
> all specials,
>   Could this be in the paraffin? The charged slides?
>   All suggestions are appreciated.
>   Eileen
>   Edward Hospital
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