[Histonet] Thermo vs. everyone else

Traczyk7 <@t> aol.com Traczyk7 <@t> aol.com
Thu Jan 11 18:34:51 CST 2007

Thought I would share this.  
I need to acquire an accessory to use for one of my upcoming  demonstrations. 
 Easy enough, get the part number and call Fisher.   Our account is already 
set up, ordered stuff w/o a problems in the past,  discount established.  
Here's where it gets good... I was told by  a Fisher CSR that since it was a Thermo 
part, Fisher could only buy it  "at list" from Thermo.  It would then be 
marked up by Fisher before it  was sold to me.  If I buy direct from Thermo I can 
get it  at list.  I thought they were all one big happy family now!  Just  
curious, what's the rumor mill saying about how the product lines will  shake out?
Happy Friday.

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