[Histonet] Is Processed Tissue Biohazardous?

Jones, Laura lpjones <@t> srhs-pa.org
Thu Jan 11 13:24:51 CST 2007

Hi all.  We are running into issues surrounding the mailing of paraffin
blocks, and whether or not those who package them need the extra training
for shipping biohazardous materials.  We have always received blocks from
other facilities through the mail without any special treatment, and have
sent ours the same way.  Our safety officer does not agree with this

We do use Shandon's Glyofixx tissue fixative, not formalin, if that makes a
difference in your response.  We are awaiting a return call from Shandon at
this time, but decided to put this out for the opinion of the experts (you!)
as well.  

This is somewhat related to the age old question of when I nick myself on a
dirty blade on which I was cutting Glyofixx fixed paraffin embedded tissue,
is it a "signifigant exposure"?  Our safety people always left this call up
to our Pathologist who assured us it was not.  

Opinions, comments and expert views please.  And thanks as always!

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