[Histonet] diastase digestion

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Wed Jan 10 15:21:00 CST 2007

  I was one of those dinosaurs. Years ago, I used to use the old spit method too.  Nothing like natural enzyme digestion.  I was taught that method  by Bonnie Proctor from Providence Hospital, Portland OR in 1976.  She was Navy trained.  It worked great, but the green stuff after lunch got to be a little too much for the younger histo tech's.  Plus, it's not exactly a set standard protocol, since everyone has different enzyme make-up. You also had to rinse it off for a long period of time because it dried out on the parameter.
  Diastase malt didn't seem to work very well after years of inconsistent results.   Our lab switched to amylase digestion.  We got more consistent results.  Check with sigma-aldrich.com 
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