[Histonet] F4/80 in FFPE mouse tissues

Horn, Diane A hornd <@t> uthscsa.edu
Mon Jan 8 14:41:58 CST 2007

I am searching for some advice on IHC with F4/80 on mouse tissues.  The
antibody is from Serotec diluted 1:50 in 2% BSA/PBS.  The kidney tissues
have been fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and the liver has been fixed in
10% NFB.  The liver stains fine but the kidney has high background and
no positive staining for F4/80.  I am using a kit from Biocare
(rat-on-mouse) that is a biotin free system.  The only other thing is
the kidney sections were cut about 1-2 months ago and stored in a slide
box in the -20 freezer (not frost free).  Any advice or protocol would
be appreciated!


Thanks to all,



Diane A. Horn

Department of Pathology


7703 Floyd Curl Dr.

San Antonio, TX  78229



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