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I concur with what Nancy says; unless you have the requirement for
wanting multiple sections for special stains then ThinPrep is the way to
go. Urines, IMHO, have never been very successfully Cytospun and the
amount of work to produce an inferior cell block, suboptimaly stained
with reduced resolution makes it pointless unless, as I have said, you
want loads of sections and don't have enough sample for multiple

However, if you have a cancer that is shedding loads of cells that is
another issue; I've seen clumps of malignant cells in such quantities
that you have sufficient material. Should urines go to a Pathologist?
Interesting question.....

Is an acellular specimen adequate? Given that many types of urine from
males will be then I guess not; why should a Pathologist look at nothing
to say 'I don't see any malignant cells'? Surely a 'normal' acellular
specimen ought to be reported by a CytoTech/ BMS? That obviously
involves those that contain rbc's; but even then if the term
microhaematuria is used then why send to a Pathologist? You don't send
Dipsticks to a Doctor cos they detect blood do you? You send the
Patient! Urines are a bit like sputa; are they 'diagnostic' or
screening? Why would an MD want to look at loads of acellular urines and
negative sputa?   

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