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Mon Jan 8 08:42:13 CST 2007

I asked our cytology technical manager about the cell blocks and this is
what she had to say:

Hello Histonetters:

Any information on doing cell blocks on urines would be appreciated.
Specific questions include:

1) Can they be made on cytolyte fixed specimens?

Yes - if enough cells are present

2) What volume of specimen do they require?

It depends on the cellularity of the specimen - a visible button after
centrifuge is optimal - you can try adding agar if no visible button is
present, but this is likely to yield an unsatisfactory CB - in other
words, you probably shouldn't do a cell block on these specimens
3) Are they reviewed by the cytologist, or do they go straight to

Both ways are practiced - depends on the preference of the pathologist 
4) Are they reimbursable as an 88305 in addition to the cytology
concentrated (Thin-Prep)88112 code?

Not sure
5) Are they difficult to read?

6) Are they helpful?

Seldom helpful - but can be used for special stains in some cases
7) How well do they correlate to thin-preps?

In my very limited experience they are representative of what's on the
TP, but they are rarely done because they seldom add any information and
it is difficult to justify the time and cost

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