[Histonet] method for alkaline phosphatase with indoxyl-tetrazolium

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Hello All 


I hope everyone out in histoland had a Happy New Year.  I have been asked to
perform alkaline phosphatase staining of mouse muscle samples from a
hindlimb ischemia model   The method that they are specifically looking for
is the indoxyl-tetrazolium method.  Most of the publications that I have
reviewed so far just state the method used but not the actually protocol.
If this method is used properly it should stain capillary endothelial cells
dark blue if they are viable.  I have only been able to find one method and
that is from the Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry in the
technical note:  Indoxyl-tetranitro Blue Tetrazolium Method for detection of
alkaline phosphatase in Immunohistochemistry.  Am I missing something? I
could be completely clueless is the method in Sheehan "indoxyl method for
alkaline phosphatase" the one I should be using?  It has been too many years
since I have done any enzyme histochemistry.  Any advice would be helpful
and thanks in advance.




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