[Histonet] Von Kossa Stain

Diego Villegas dfvilleg <@t> mtu.edu
Fri Jan 5 10:55:35 CST 2007

Hello Histonetters,

I am working in the insertion sites of ligaments.  There are two 
fibrocartilages in the insertion (uncalcified and calcified).  I would 
like to determine the limit between these two zones, but I can't 
decalcified the samples because I would see no calcium.  I could cut 
samples with a diamond blade but they are really thick (about 100 
microns).  Actually, I just need to differentiate this two zones. Could 
I stain these thick samples with Von Kossa stain?

Any other method?.

Thanks a lot.

Diego Villegas
Biomechanics Lab
Michigan Tech.

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