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Hi Jennifer,
  Below is info I addressed to the histonet as well as Chuck Churukian.
    Dear Chuck,
  There was some talk about CAT hematoxylin in the histonet, so I clarified the info.  It was said that you and David developed it.  The date was incorrect in my answer.  I actually did the R&D in 2000 & released it in 2001.
  With Love,

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    Hello & Happy New Year!
  Regarding a histonet e-mail question about who developed CAT Hematoxylin.  Here is the clarification.  There were actually three histologists involved with the development.  While I was working at Biocare, Chuck Churukian gave me the modification for Mayer's Hematoxylin, which i in turn made several modifications too. I also came up with the proprietary ingredient for stabalization & David Tacha from Biocare suggested the pH portion.  Thus the CAT (Churukian-Allison-Tacha)  I started my research in 2001 & officially released it in 2002 at the NSH meeting.   David & I developed it to be used  for IHC, H&E's & SS.  I was the person who actually made-up the hematoxylin from A-Z. & learned alot about bulk manufacturing & pH.
  Happy New Year,
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