[Histonet] Technovit 9100 New

Andrejs Ivanovs vonavi <@t> inbox.lv
Thu Jan 4 11:36:07 CST 2007


In our lab, we are working with EXAKT Cutting/Grinding system. For
tissue embedding, we started to use Technovit 9100 New embedding
medium. I have some questions regarding the use of this medium. 

My first question concerns the storage of destabilized basic
solution. In the brochure, it is written that this solution can be
stored at 4 degrees C for SHORTER PERIODS or at -20 degrees C for
LONGER PERIODS of time. What does it mean to store for SHORTER and
LONGER PERIODS of time? Days? Weeks? Years? 

My second question concerns re-use of some solutions. Is it possible
to use the solutions for pre-infiltration and infiltration
repeatedly? If it is possible, how should these solutions be stored? 

Thank you in advance! 

Best regards, 
Andrey Ivanov

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