[Histonet] Immunofluorescent foci moving?

Anthony joshua anthony.joshua <@t> utoronto.ca
Tue Jan 2 21:46:06 CST 2007

Hoping for some help here,
Im doing FITC staining of some markers of DNA damage foci (gH2Ax,  
MDC1) in both paraffin and cell lines and find that apart from the  
nuclear staining pattern that is expected I see that the foci are  
moving in a kind of brownian motion. Im sure its not bacteria, as  
they would be dead long ago. Im using a primary and a labeled  
secondary. Any opinion as to what causes this or what I can do about  
it? More air-drying? better fixative? I note there was a previous  
post about this about a year ago but no one replied.

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