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Tue Jan 2 16:13:19 CST 2007

Go to a Toys R Us and they have a good selection of different kinds of slides and they are not that expensive.

>>> "Senn, Amy" <ASenn <@t> mercy.pmhs.org> 1/2/2007 1:02 PM >>>

My 7 year old son got a microscope for Christmas.  He's very excited to look

    at slides! 
    The microscope came with 3 slides:  Pine needle, onion peel, and pumpkin

    Problem is, he's bored with those slides and wants more. 
    I made him a few here in the surgical path dept. on the cryostat, but
    not directly in histology anymore, so I can't just cut a few extras and 
    stain them myself. 
    I don't know where to get more slides for him, short of paying 29.99
    shipping and handling for only TEN slides from the place where I got the

    microscope to begin with. 
    Anyone have some extras they'd like to share?  He'd really like to see
    colors  and 'funky designs' as he likes to say.   We made a few from his

    spit and even one from his brother's boogers (lol) but he's getting
tired of 
    the same old stuff & is acutally really interested in what the 'funky 
    colors' mean.... 
    I'd be willing to pay postage..... 
    Thanks so much for any help!! 

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