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Up front, be aware, this message is from a vendor, and I know how many 
of you feel about vendors posting on the Histonet. The nature of this 
posting is as non-commercial as possible given the source, but feel free 
to disregard or flame as you see fit :-)

Energy Beam Sciences was one of the pioneers in microwaves for 
histological applications, and our
alliances with clinical and research professionals have resulted in many 
advances over the years. To this end, I felt the Histonet would be a 
good forum to try and line up beta-testers for some of our 
newly-developed microwave histology products. (Actually, beta testing 
has already been performed with some of these products, but rigorous 
testing and/or a wide array of independent opinions are always warranted 
when clinical diagnostics may be involved.) Some specifics:

(a) a method (patent pending) for heating paraffin in the microwave
(b) an improved reagent for microwave processing
(c) several microwave accessories

I want to stress that this is not a cheesy attempt to drum up business; 
we anticipate at least one of these products may result in a methods 
paper that could have significant impact, so any input would be welcome. 
Beta-testers could be with a hospital, independent clinical lab, 
University, or possibly another (non-competing) vendor; we are looking 
for as wide a variety of workflows and disciplines as possible.

Please feel free to contact me at pmcardle <@t> ebsciences.com with any 

Best regards,

Phil McArdle

Microwave Product Manager

Energy Beam Sciences, Inc.
29-B Kripes Rd.
East Granby, CT 06026

Tel:  800.992.9037 x 341
Fax: 860.653.0422

pmcardle <@t> ebsciences.com

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