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Kemlo Rogerson Kemlo.Rogerson <@t> waht.swest.nhs.uk
Tue Feb 27 02:13:38 CST 2007

I suspect that you are not getting all of the paraffin out of the 

sections before staining.




That's one solution but I would have thought unlikely as you would
notice it wouldn't you? I've seen similar occurrences with poor fixation
whereby staining has been patchy (red in areas, blue in others).
Sometimes disappears with restaining but that could be a function of
actually removing the paraffin as you say or there may even be a link to
the staining problem also being discussed (bluing water not bluing).


Does the problem disappear if the sections are restained? If it does I'd
go for the paraffin, if not I'd go for fixation. 



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