[Histonet] Microtome problems

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In Arizona we deal with dry air much of the year. I have a waste tray 
that slides in under and around my Microm microtome and I place water 
soaked gauze or kimwipes in it - not just wet but sopping wet. I don't 
know for sure but I feel like this helps.
I also keep the knife and knife holder clean - brushing it off 
frequently with a moistened brush.
University of Arizona

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hi Mary Beth,
   If you think humidity may be the problem, try placing a piece of warm 
gauze on either side of the microtome (as close to the blade holder as
possible). This has worked for me sometimes. You can also try spraying 
guard around the blade holder area.

  Dawn L. Cowie, HT (ASCP)
  Histology Supervisor
  Pensacola Pathologists, PA
  Pensacola, FL

mkaulahao <@t> bellsouth.net wrote:
  Hi everyone,
This is my first message. I just found this site and hope anyone can 
I'm a histotech NOT a speller. We moved into a new lab in October 2006. 
It is
really nice compared to our old one. The ventalation is great. There is 
no fume
smell at all. Also there is no humidity. I have NEVER had so much 
cutting. We got a humidifier but it doesn't seem to do any good. I 
can't get a
ribbon to form but only on bigger specimens. The biopsies (gi,bladder 
etc) seem
to cut ok. Now suddenly the pathologist is asking for thinner sections. 
He is
convinced we need a new mictotome that ours is not cutting right. We 
have a
Lietz and have had it since 1994, We cut on 4um. It takes us twice as 
long to
cut as it ever has. I have spoken to the engineers and they say they 
can't put
any moisture in the air. How can the biopsies cut ok but the big 
specimens be
too thick?
Mary Beth

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