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Well, it looks like I am wrong about being able to use my microwave to heat
water, buffer, etc.... at least I checked and the Instruction Booklet does
say "not for laboratory use" in the Safety Instructions portion.  See a
vendor's private message to me below (thanks, Donna).
Bonnie Whitaker
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I decided to email you direct on this issue.  Your onsite inspection will be
with the 2005 CAP regulations.  They have changed as of Dec 2006 and your
next year self inspection will be with the new regs.  The regs say that you
have to use the microwave according to manufacture guidelines.  Household
units have in their warranty that they are for food processing, do not use
for laboratory use.  This has always been an issue with OSHA but never
mentioned in CAP.  CAP has changed and added the new question. OSHA 29 CFR
1910.303(b)(2)  (listed or labeled equipment shall be used or installed in
accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling)  has
always been an issue but rarely enforced.  As far as OSHA is concerned you
should never use any piece of equipment out side of the manufacture listing.
This would mean no rice steamers in the lab for AR.  I have put the new regs
in my workshop.  I'll let you know the reaction of folks as I give them this


Being a vendor I felt it would be better to just e-mail you myself instead
of everyone on the histonet.  If you feel you want to post this to the net,
it is up to you.



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