[Histonet] FTE Workload

Matt Hicks histomat77 <@t> hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 15:26:48 CST 2007

Hello to all the helpful histonetters!
   I am a new supervisor to histology. I have been asked a question, by my 
lab director, that I thought you all might be able to help me with. It deals 
with justification for a new FTE. What is the amount of work that can be 
produced by one FTE in an 8 hour period? This question deals specifically 
with Forensic autopsy cases, so it would include trimming of blocks and 
loading them on the processor for the next day, embedding, cutting, 
staining, slide turn-in and filing of blocks and slides.  I am looking 
specifically for a number of blocks.

  Thanks in advance for all your help,
Matt Hicks
Supervisor Anatomic Pathology
Sparrow Health System
Lansing, Mi.

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