[Histonet] Histo tech assistant vs Technician vs technologist, HELP!!!!!!!1

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I agree a person with that kind of practical experience is valuable.  At the
University we hired people with experience without certification at a lower
rate and stipulated that they get HT certification within 1 yr then they
were giving a raise and paid the same as a certified tech.  with the new
ASCP requirements for college AS degrees before you can take the HT exam I
don't know what is going to happen to those with 20 yrs experience and no
certification, I am sure someone will pay them what they are worth because
of the shortage of experienced HT's but they still won't be able to gross
without the degree.  Since CAP does not require that HT's be certified we
can have anyone do histology work.  Here in Colorado I would bet that a
person with 20 yrs experience in histology work would get a job and be paid
as well as a certified HT even if they did not have the certification, I
could be wrong about that but I don't think so.

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I am look for help people, currently in our facility we are trying to
hire for a histotech assistant in our lab.  I was wondering if people
would be willing to share salary ranges with me.  Based on our current
problem they are showing that the histotech assistant is to be paid the
same as our technician job slot.  This to me is the biggest problem of
all.  what defines assistant vs technician vs technologist.  I have
looked at the qualification for each one, the defining mark being
certified, AAS, and BAS, but then how do you handle a perosn with 10 to
20 years of experiance with no education, just everyday savy knowledge,
which to me is worth just as much as a AAS or BAS.  Also what i have
looked at the last ASCP wage and vacancy vs the Advance article and
there is a huge discrepany in pay.  HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
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