[Histonet] IHC-CD117 (c-kit)

W. Ozanne wayneozanne <@t> sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 19 17:38:30 CST 2007

We are using the Dako c-kit with the predilute antibody.  We are staining on
the Dako Autostainer using the Dako Target Retrieval, Envision + detection
kit and DAB+ chromogen.  We are experiencing inconsistent staining with the
positive control slide provided with the kit as well as  a known positive
tissue control that we use.

Today the positive control slide was negative, the known positive patient
case control slide containing a  previously identified GIST was very weakly
positive (however the mast cells were nicely positive).

Any suggestions or helpful hints from my colleagues would be so greatly


Wayne Ozanne
Chief Technologist, Pathology Department
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Toronto, ON

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