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This reminds me of one of my CAP inspection issues.  It sounds good to have accurate pipetters in the lab so, of course, another regulation shows up on pipette calibration.  Now, not only to we have to calibrate our pipettes, but we have to calibrate the pipette calibrating equipment as well.  Never mind the fact that actually changing the "calibration" on a pipetter that you have used for years and years will actually wind up throwing off all of your current dilutions that were made with that pipette (pre-calibration of course).  I look forward to seeing what kind of new regulations are in store for the 2007 CAP inspections.

Just More Regulatory Madness,
Glen Dawson
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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I found it interesting that there is a discussion on thermometers going on.  We had a CLIAA inspection yesterday.  Our inspector told us we weren't "Certified" to read analog thermometers and we must use digital thermometers for our daily temp readings of all equipment including our refridgerator and waterbaths.
  Cindy DuBois
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