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     If anyone has any replies to this please do it to the list (or include
me as well) as I seem to be in a similar boat having recently accepted a
transfer (within the same company) to a research lab. I must admit to some
trepidation about animal tissue not having much experience with it. My
experiences are primarily clinical. I've heard some stories of great
frustration about animal tx. I'm sure I can handle it but there is always a
learning curve.

Amos Brooks

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I need to get some input on cutting animal tissue. I have always worked in
clinical setting and have recently moved into a research lab. I find that
 tissue is very brittle and needs to be iced for an extremely amount of
Can  any of you animal cutting histo techs please give me some advice on
type of  paraffin you are using and what processing schedule you are using.
have  recently changed to Richard Allen type 9 paraffin and it seems to have
helped  some. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.


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