[Histonet] smooth muscle cell actin for rabbit

Galina Deyneko galinadeyneko <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 09:51:32 CST 2007

Dear Colleagues, 
  I am looking for primary antibody against smooth muscle cell actin in FFPE  rabbit aorta  with athero lesion. I have used the mouse monoclonal primary AB from Biocare #CM001, clone 1A4, reacts with human ,rat, rabbit etc. with following protocol:
  No pre-treatment.
  Peroxidase blocking
  Protein blocking
  Incubation with AB 2 hours at RT
  Detection with MACH 2 polymer -HRP (Biocare)
  Chromogen: DAB. 
  AB gives non-specific staining in macrophages, and foam cells, and SMC are stained light brown.
  With mouse aorta and sinus with MOM kit this AB works very well.
  The same results with monkey's coronary arteries.
  Any information and protocols for both species are highly appreciated.
  Galina Deyneko
  CardioVasccular Department
  Novartis, Cambridge, MA

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