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Timothy Macatee timothy.macatee <@t> med.nyu.edu
Thu Feb 8 09:24:34 CST 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm working with a new faculty member here who is doing fluorescent
immunohistochemistry with tiramide amplification.  We've been
troubleshooting the histology that we've been doing for him, so he can get
the same results he got at his old institution.   We are following the same
processing schedule for his spleen, and lymph nodes that his old place did.
Recently, however, we found that the old place was doing manual processing
with 30 minute steps for dehydration and clearing.  Barring any inherent
problems that always seem to happen when you move labs, or what I like to
call SMURFS (Small Molecular Un-reactive Factors). Does the same schedule in
the processor compare in any way to a manual processing?  Should I shorten
things up? 
Also, I've been changing solutions in the processor after 250 to 300
cassettes are run.  Would changing solutions more often improve the chances
of getting better immuno results?


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