[Histonet] alkaline phosphatase antibody

docqian pex0220 <@t> yahoo.com.cn
Wed Feb 7 09:55:08 CST 2007

Dear all,=0A=0AI would like to use alkaline phosphatase antibody to label t=
he early osteoblasts by immunofluorescence, however, I do not find a good a=
ntibody which is suitable for my aim.=0AIf you have some ideas or you have =
used it in your work, please give some suggestions.=0AThank you.=0A=0AGuofe=
____ =0A=D1=C5=BB=A2=C3=E2=B7=D1=D3=CA=CF=E4-3.5G=C8=DD=C1=BF=A3=AC20M=B8=
=BD=BC=FE =0Ahttp://cn.mail.yahoo.com/

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