[Histonet] Ovary fixation

Heidi Miers Heidi.Miers <@t> NAU.EDU
Tue Feb 6 12:41:05 CST 2007

I section dog and cat ovaries on a regular basis and am unhappy with the 
quality of the follicles. The primordial follicles are found near the surface 
and when I look at them under the microscope they all look like they have 
vacuoles in the oocytes. Some ovaries come out looking OK. I am wondering if 
anyone has suggestions. Could it be fixation? We use 10% formalin for at least 
3 days. How about processing? Could it be that the xylene substitute I use 
isn't clearing to allow proper paraffin infiltration?
Also, for those who use a regressive H&E-what type of eosin and for how long 
to you let it stain?
Thanks, Heidi

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Imaging and Histology Core Facility
Northern Arizona University
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