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Sally, maybe the misconception is that an artist does not have training
and experience but just makes it up. Actually art is an exploration just
like science and good artists make the difficult look easy, just like an
experienced, knowledgable technologist.

There was a story a few years ago about an artist who figured out how
acrylic polymerizes. Chemists had not been able to control the
polymerization of acrylics to make large structures - it was always
getting too hot (polymerizing too fast) and cracking or staying gooy.
This artist was trying to make a large solid clear acrylic sculpture but
had the same problems. He studied and experimented with acrylics for
years and one day it all came together for him. He was able to cast
large structures that were perfectly polymerized with no defects. He
went on to make different things that way and finally met someone who
had another use for it - submarines. No one had ever been able to make a
large window for submersibles. With the artists method they were able to
and submersibiles with large bubble windows were developed.
(http://www.brucebeasley.com/home.htm, look under Bathysphere).

It's all the same, only the medium is different. 

Tim Morken

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I have read with interest the responses to my Innocent Post about "art
vs science" and I am a Changed Woman.  My original thought was not that
I did not appreciate being called an "artist", but simply that the
remark was made without regard to the years of training and experience
that got me to the point that I can be called such.  There is not a
single day that I do not look at my simple little H&Es, ready to go to
the docs, and experience a surge of pride that I do beautiful work
(humbly speaking, of course).  My point was that I was being portrayed
(there's that Art thing again...) as being able to produce such work
without giving credence to the training and experience necessary to do
so.  I do not believe for a minute that the observer meant any harm at
all! I am quite happy that my work is beautiful (and my bosses have used
that term many a time - for which I am humbled but proud), but also that
it gives them the wherewithal to use their expertise to solve a mystery.
I am happy to have had so much response to this, giving me the
opportunity to reevaluate the subject and perhaps see it from another
perspective.  So, although my queries are not always technically-based
and requiring highly technical input, it is these small subjects that
allow us to exchange views and see the world differently.  I shall now
shake off my apron and dust off my easel and do some special stains.
And wonder at their beauty.  Thank you - everyone.  This is a unique and
valuable resource, this Histonet.


Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

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