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There are many variations to programs out there, it depends on if you want to use formalin or formalin substitutes, xylene or xylene substitues, etc.  But typically, for a normal run depending on how thick the skins are cut in (I personally would do bone marrow on a separate run omitting the formalins, but that is my bias).
Here is my opinion:
formalin                                       1 hour    
formalin                                       1 hour
70 % alcohol                                45 minutes
95 % alcohol                                1 hour                      
95 % alcohol                                45 minutes
100 % alcohol                              45 minutes
100 % alcohol                              1 hour
1/2 100 % alcohol % 1/2 xylene       45 minutes
xylene                                         45 minutes
xylene                                         1 hour
paraplast plus                               45 minutes           at 59 degrees
paraplast plus                               45 minutes               ditto
paraplast plus                               45 minutes               ditto
for a biopsy run
I would do the same thing but cut the time down to 15 - 20 minutes per station
If I can be of any other help, let me know......
Roxanne Soto HT(ASCP)QIHC
Lab Manager
Physicians RightPath
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I'm starting up a brand new Histology lab in a clinic ( I have never
done this before)  serving approx. 120 physicians and an outpatient
surgery center.

I will be doing mostly biopsies, skins, bone marrows  and our largest
specimen will be a gallbladder from the out patient surgery center.

 I will be using a refurbish Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E150 processor.  My
question is how do I set up the processor. I would like the end time to
be approx. 4:00 am.

How many xylenes, alcohols etc.  Also, set up for a short run,  what
could be the shortest time for a biopsy, starting in formalin.  What
kind of paraffin?






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